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Certified Hospital
  • We are accredited by the

    Joint Commission International (JCI)
    since 2014. JCI is the main certified quality and safety entity
    for hospitals and health institutions around the world.
  • In 2013, we were the first non-American hospital to affiliate to

    Mayo Clinic Care Network
    , sharing the same medical focus on the patient and the passion
    for scientific research and health education that have
    distinguished Mayo Clinic over time.

Joint Commission Internationa y Mayo Clinic Care Network

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Médica Sur. Safe Hospital

For Médica Sur the safety of our patients and our collaborators is a
priority, as well as to continue to provide the care and services
that characterizes us for the benefit of the health of Mexicans.

Due to the growing spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, we have generated
contingency response protocols that guarantee the continuity of the
processes and care of all our services in the hospital.

We are prepared to attend patients with suspected COVID-19 and will
continue to gather all efforts to prevent increasing contagion,
through isolation and areas assigned for this purpose always in
compliance with the standards established by the Authorities of
Mexico and the World Health Organization.

We also continue attending patients of other specialties. Their
health is in good hands, we are a safe hospital, with more than 39
years of experience in saving lives. On a daily basis, we apply all
the hygiene and safety measures supported by national and
international certifications to care for our patients with the
highest quality.


Médica Sur
Excelencia médica, calidez humana.

Médica Sur, hospital seguro