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Hospital Rooms

Our hospital rooms are equipped with the most advanced technology and architecture design that revolve around the needs of our patients and their families. The rooms are versatile: they can be transformed, optimizing their functions to meet the needs of those patients that need closer medical monitoring.
State-of-the-art patient beds.

Mattresses with lumbar support.

Alarm system capable of detecting movements.

Cervical and lumbar support coach for patients.

Comfortable sofa-bed for patient's relatives.

Multifunctional TV system.

Electromagnetic dashboard for a better medical control.

Accessible and easy-to-use bathrooms, designed to minimize the risk of fallings.

Last generation patient-nurse communication system.

Minimum effort door open system.

Nurses' center renovation, medicine preparation and sub-storage rooms, to optimize the patient's safety and care.

More lightning and thematic decoration.