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The most modern version of PET-CT, to generate imaging and diagnoses of the highest precision.
Last generation PET-CT

Our studies are carried out with the latest technology equipment, and operated by highly trained specialists. The result: a world class service.

We accept most of national and international insurance companies.

The Service Includes:

  • The study with contrast medium.
PET-CT Biograph mCT Flow

The most modern in Mexico: it will provide you with the best diagnosis at the best price, in less time, with more detail and precision than any other and with reduction of radiation.

PET-CT Biograph mCT Flow has new and powerful tools that facilitate evaluation, such as:

  • UltraHD-PET, the best resolution: 400 x 400 image reconstruction in a single shot, which makes it the PET-CT in greater detail on the market.
  • Accessibility for all patients, wider and with more capacity in weight.

FlowMotion supports the highest possible resolution for each organ with a high-resolution 400x400 matrix and HD-Chest for motion management. This helps achieve the finest volumetric resolution, which is critical for white and grey matter differentiation and early lesion detection.

And most importantly, our staff, highly trained to achieve the best diagnosis, always taking into account your needs and comfort.

Cutting-edge features

PET-CT Biograph mCT Flow - infografía

1.- Finest detail in every organ

FlowMotion technology takes routine image quality to a new level by enabling imaging protocols based on the organ’s need. It provides integration of variable speed, motion management and a 400x400 reconstruction matrix into a single- scan protocol based on the needs of each organ. This achieves the finest detail for every organ and enables a more confident diagnosis.

PET-CT Biograph mCT Flow<

2.- Open comfort for all patients:

Biograph mCT Flow is engineered to be a patient-centric solution.
The 78 cm large bore accommodates a wider range of patients.
This combines with FlowMotion, to potentially improve patient satisfaction with a continuous sense of progression throughout the scan.

Más confort

3.- Minimum dose and maximum speed:

Biograph mCT Flow meets the dual mandate for high patient safety while achieving maximum efficiency. Biograph mCT Flow is capable of achieving a 5 minute diagnostic PET-CT, with flexible CT-like range planning and zero CT overscan.
With FlowMotion, physicians can truly offer As Low as Reasonably Achievable dose to every patient.

4.- Accurate cuantification y all dimensions

FlowMotion provides accurate and reproducible quantification from edge to edge for precise disease characterization in therapy monitoring.
Therapy monitoring offers patients the ability to make early treatment decisions in order to help reduce the cost of ineffective therapies.

Imágenes moleculares

Medical assessment
Price in Mexican pesos, IVA included*
Price in US Dollars*
PET-CT whole body 18F FDG fluorodeoxyglucose
PET-CT brain
PET-CT whole body 18F Na sodium fluoride
PET-CT whole body FLT fluorothymidine
PET-CT whole body 11C CH3CO2 acetate
PET-CT gallium 68
PET-CT 11C hill
PET-CT whole body 18F Fes fluoroestradiol
PET-CT with fluoro dopamine

IMPORTANT: *All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Those in US dollars may suffer variations depending on the Mexican peso / dollar exchange rate. For a precise quote, please fill out the form below.

How Should I Prepare for the PET-CT?
  • 24 hours before the medical exam: Do not perform any physical activity. Follow a diet high in protein with meat or fish and vegetables, fruits, etc; consume a very low proportion of carbohydrates (flour, pasta, bread, sugar, etc.); Stay well hydrated (simple water).
  • 8 hours fasting and take your medications normally, with simple water.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, without metal, and preferably come with a responsible adult.
  • Diabetic patients, insulin-dependent or not, can dine the night before and take their medications at normal times. If you are in this case, before the medical exam, please inform the person attending you.
  • If you are diabetic, in order to be able to perform the medical exam, your glucose level should not exceed 130mg / dl.
  • If you use insulin you must notify us 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • The study can only be done 4 hours after the last dose of insulin.
When should I schedule my appointment?

With a week in advance. On that date, you must also cover a down payment of $9,200 MXN so we can request the contrast medium that we will use in the medical exam.

How Long will It Be Until my Results Are Delivered?

3 working days after the medical exam, starting at 5:00 p.m.

How Long Should I Stay in Mexico City?

5 days: we recommend you arrive the day before the medical exam, and leave one day after your results have been delivered.

How Long Does the Medical Exam Last?

Approximately, 4 and a half hours.

What Do I Need to Bring?

A medical prescription specifying the type of medical exam and clinical summary.

You must bring a laboratory report of serum creatinine and glucose not older than 30 days. In case of not having them, they can be performed in Médica Sur within 8-hour fast, and results will be delivered within 1 to 2 working days, or urgently, in 2 hours with an additional cost.

In case you have previous medical exams, bring them (PET-CT, histopathological report, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, mammography, etc.).

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  • In 2013, we were the first non-American hospital to affiliate to the Mayo Clinic Care Network, sharing the same medical focus on the patient and the passion for scientific research and health education that have distinguished Mayo Clinic over time.
  • We have been rated as the Best Hospital in Mexico for 7 years in a row by the prestigious Magazine América Economía.
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